About us

Even though my name may not sound at all Greek, I am! My family and I are from Mykonos.

As our expression of passion and love for the island, we offer visitors the chance to experience and enjoy beautiful Mykonos by staying in the Alefkandra Studio. Through our dedication for the best customer service, within a friendly and traditional Mykonian environment, we ensure a cosy stay in the heart of Mykonos.

Me and my hard-working family decided to express our passion and love for Mykonos island further more than just to our friends. Alefkandra Studio is our factual proof for that, a melting pot of those characteristics above…the passion, the energy, the kindness, the caring and friendly ability to communicate with each other people which will ensure a cosy stay.

Finally I think it is important to say that what my father gave me -trying to keep the tranditionality and the natural picturesque beauty is this which encouraged me to keep on going.

About Mykonos

My love for Mykonos and its breathtaking landscapes are the reasons that this project was created and we are pleased to share it with you by providing our hospitality, our architecture and our cycladic minimalist aesthetic.

Mykonos island… a perfect get away, a place full of energy -a unique energy-, a continuous movement, a wild beauty, a free spirited place, different images, different seasons at the same location and an island that is simply one of a kind. More than thirty amazing beaches in this heaven with the unparalleled beauty, plus the neighboring islands of Rhenia & Delos.

A magnificent place to escape, to enjoy with friends and family, to become a part of the colorful scenery that grows, changes, welcomes, hosts, blossoms, evolves all the time and attracts millions of travelers every year. The island that I’ve spent my holidays since childhood, has made me feel blessed to have the opportunity to dwell on this paradise any more.

My life in Mykonos… forever enchanted by the surrounding Cycladic light, with a striking Aegean Sea backdrop. Proud to be a Myconian.

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